Plantation Shutters, Wood or Composite


Hard wood or Composite Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a cost-effective way to add beauty and value to your home. Shutters are a local favorite as most of you know. Shutters are excellent for controlling light and privacy. Great looking and quality made shutters become an architectural element that will add resale value to your home. The upfront cost of shutters may be more than blinds and other types of hard treatments. Shutters are more durable, timeless and a better value for your home for the long term. Shutters were originally used on exteriors they have moved indoors and are in high demand. Shutters are manufactured with different types of materials. The most common being solid wood or composite materials. Lets determine which is better for your windows? Here is a list of pros and cons for each type of Plantation Shutter.

Wood Shutter Pros

• Solid wood shutters are lighter in weight which can help with operation.
• Solid wood shutters are typically around half the weight of their composite counterparts.
• Solid wood painted shutters are available in nearly any color or finish. From white to black painted and most stained wood finishes.
• Solid wood painted or stained wood shutters are the longest lasting shutters. Often, solid wood shutters will last as long as your home.
• Solid wood shutters have the most solid feel.  The natural ridged materials of wood provide solid, twist free operation when opening and closing.
• Solid wood shutters are available in wider and taller panels without additional support of divider rails.
• Solid wood shutters are available in a variety of shapes.

Wood Shutter cons.

• Solid wood painted shutters are not recommended in areas where the shutters are going to be subject to direct and repetitive contact with water or high humidity.
• Wood takes longer to construct.  There is a large amount of hand finishing and multiple construction steps associated with solid wood shutters.
• Stained shutters offer all the same pros and cons as their painted counterparts but come in stained wood finishes. Stained shutters can be more expensive than painted shutters.

shutters and drapes  wood plantation shutters

Composite Shutter Pros

• Composite shutters can be produced quicker than painted or stained wood shutters.
• Composites are impervious to water, making them the perfect choice for shower and bath surrounds.
• Composite shutters can be more durable than wood. Due to the presence of plastic which resistant UV rays.
• Composite shutters can be a little more affordable.

Composite Shutter cons.

• Composite shutters are heavier than wood shutters.
• Composite shutters are not as stiff as their solid wood counter parts.
• Composite shutters can require divider rails, at lower panel height.
• Composite shutters are not available in many colors.  Matching trim can be harder or not exact.

shutters over kitchen sink  shutters in bathroom

Plantation shutters are a wonderful investment for any home. Their quality of construction will vary from company to company.  People cannot even distinguish between wood or composite without a very close inspection. Let us show you and you can decide your favorite.  Contact Us, are Schedule An Appointment now! Made in the Shade Blinds Houma would be happy to help you cover your windows!

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